• splendida corricella
  • splendida corricella

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Capannina is one of the oldest bathing establishments on the Christopher Columbus seafront. It is located on the Ciracciello beach, which, together with Ciraccio, is the longest shore in Procida. The Faraglioni creates a natural border between the two beaches, which expands from the hill of Santa Margherita to Punta Serra. The dark colored sand, characteristic to the island, is of volcanic origin and the rocks on this beach side are yellow tuft. The scenery looks even more impressive with the view on Vivara island, a nature reserve, connected to the island by a bridge, behind which you can see Ischia. All these features make it the most popular beach on the island, where you can also enjoy a beautiful sunset. 

Price Range € 10 / 25

Working Hours 08:00 - 20:00

Category lido

Closing Day da novembre a marzo

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