Maresìa is a solarium, a garden next to the sea, which is a charming and unforgettable place with a panoramic view on the islands of Vivara and Ischia, where you can also admire the lovely sunset. It is a great addition to the Chiaiolella Beach. Care and attention to every detail make this solarium a unique and exclusive location. As the sun shines on Maresia, you can relax by the pool or by the sea by going down a wooden staircase, from which you will access the Chiaolella Beach. But that's not all: You can eat, drink and enjoy great music, especially during sunset time, when the whole island becomes pinkish and Maresia acquires a fairytale scenery.

Prices at Maresia: a cot 10 €, a deckchair 8 €, an umbrella 5 €. For children from 3 to 10 years the entrance is 5 €.

Price Range € 15 / 25

Working Hours 10:00 - 21:00

Category lounge bar, beach club, solarium

Closing Day da ottobre ad aprile

Credit Card

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Location via garibaldi 27

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