The Moorings: The floating pontoons in Procida are located at the western end of the Chiaiolella harbor, mooring is required for all types of boats and vessels from 5 to 16 meters. The strategic point of the water surface, protected from all types of wind and waves, is a safe place where one can find his own boat in Procida with all the comforts and related services.

Services: The mooring service in Procida di Ippocampo, is managed by a staff with decades of experience in recreational boating. Mooring availability is both for weekends and for longer periods (overnight stays and daily, monthly, seasonal, annual transits). Running water, electricity and wi-fi are just the main services we have.

Rental: We rent boats and rafts, both with and without a license

Marina: Considered by many yachtsmen to be one of the most fascinating ports on the island, in the dock of the small port of Chiaiolella you can enjoy the bar and restaurant services of Ippocampo to enjoy the best of Procida island delicacies. The passion for the sea and the use of raw materials are available in all our customers flawlessly and satisfactorily

Price Range € 100 / 100

Working Hours 08:00 - 23:00

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Location Marina chiaiolella lato ovest

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