The owner of the studio, Maria, is a qualified professional, trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Photography, Cinema and Television with honors. She has a master's degree in Cinema and TV and she worked at Corìma for Mediaset.

Before the professional qualification, however, there are the passion and the heart, which allows you to accommodate every request by creating a personalized proposal with sensitivity and consistency towards the customer.

For this reason she didn't define in a specific category and every photographic and videographic service is inspired by the couple and the context.

Inspiration derives from different factors such as working with many types of people and cultures, in fact working with foreigners thanks to Destination Wedding is very stimulating and enriches the look helping to mature new ideas and jobs.

Two fundamental rules for us are discretion and to be present at important moments.

Our task is to ensure that in 10 years the couple, thanks to videos and photographs, can really remember what they have experienced and not how stressful and tiring it was.

Our couples are first people and then customers, we do not forget it.

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