Il Postino Beach

Between the beaches of Procida one of the most beautiful and no doubt the beach Pozzo Vecchio, on the west side. Called the Postman beach, is here, too, Che Fu One of the scenes filmed More arrangements of the famous 1994 film, The one where Mario (Massimo Troisi) and the beautiful Beatrice (Maria Grazia Cucinotta) meet and fall in love for the first time.

Coming down the street Running alongside the cemetery, caratterizzato by a series of small buildings and domes That recall the typical island architecture, you reach the small and cozy horseshoe-shaped bay, mostly free beach. The sand of the beach Pozzo Vecchio, come All the beaches of Procida, it has a dark color, How Remember the volcanic A Feature That gives the eye a unique contrasts, making the blue sea Even more intense.

Once I extended the sun, That in this Procida seems beach never to fade, the hours they spend lens Among long baths surrounded by unspoilt natural scenery, romantic walks and a chat with The Friends of Al Piccolo Bar of the plant, repair dove In moments Hottest.

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