Lingua Beach

Among the beautiful beaches of Procida there is the small but scenic Lingua Beach. Bordering with the ferries, it is located at the left end of the port of Marina Grande and unlike other beaches, it is characteristic by  thick, dark sand, covered with pebbles.

Despite being close to the port it has not lost its natural charm and the slight wilderness, mostly due to the rocky ridge covered with vegetation. Here, you can admire the spotless clear sea, tranquil and having an intense blue color due to higher depths. Lingua Beach, in fact, is overlooking the channel of Procida, just in front of the promontory of Monte di Procida, a traffic transit point from sea to land.

Like Via Roma, the main street of Marina Grande, the beach can be reached by a staircase that goes down along the ridge of rock from the end of Via Bartolomeo Pagano, one of the crossings that you can spot on the left while on your way to Terra Murata.

During nightfall, with the help of dusk this corner of nature facing the continent is tinged with a deep pink color.

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  • via roma
  • L1, L2, C1, C2
  • Pubblica e privata
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