In the magical location of Corricella, in a former fisherman's warehouse of the 1700s, Chiaro di Luna was the first place to offer handicraft ice cream, made from high quality products, and is undoubtedly, a must for visitors with its cozy bar with outdoor tables on the ay, to sip aperitifs, cocktails or homemade liquor during the sunset, and the sea view. Every portion of ice cream is handmade by Sandro, the owner of the bar, using predominantly various seasonal products from his garden and  other gardens of the island. The "secret" ingredient is a little portion of creativity for producing unusual tastes with a traditional Mediterranean sweetness: from a classic 100% sorbet with local lemons and Dutch chocolate, from Bronte pistachios and Giffoni hazelnuts to red mulberry ice cream, with tasty mandarin and wild mint flavours to other more particular variants, such as lemon, basil and olive oil, wine, percracula and orange stracciatella. And with every cone or cup you can take a dip into the world of scents and flavors of this magical island. In addition to the opportunity to enjoy relaxing aperitifs with wine, cocktails and various snacks, the Chiara Luna bar also performs "ice-cream delivery" services on board of boat, for a cool break in the middle of the sea.

Price Range € 3 / 10

Working Hours 11:00 - 23:30

Closing Day da novembre a marzo

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Location via marina corricella 56

Icecream cocktails Bar and Cafè

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