The restaurant La Pergola is located in a charming garden in the center of the island of Procida, consisting of a outdoor lounge under a beautiful lemon tree pergola. The atmosphere is quiet and cozy, giving the guests, surrounded by nature, a possibility to relax, far from the stress and road noises.

Its dishes range from sea products, where fresh fish is easily available, to the famous "mountain", a meal prepared from local rabbits, one of the most delicious that you can taste.

Moreover, the menu also offers fresh handmade pasta prepared with skill and passion, which made this restaurant well-known throughout the country, as well as for its desserts, for which is it worth to leave some space at the end of the meal.

The restaurant also has two large indoor halls, accessible during rainy days and for events and ceremonies.

Price Range € 25 / 45

Working Hours 13:00 - 16:00 / 20:00 - 23:00

Closing Day lunedi

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Info prenotazione gradita

Location Via Salette, 10

ceremonies private parties Fish Mediterranean Traditional

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