Mimante restaurant was born in the autumn of 2003, immersed in the lemon grove “Giardini di Elsa”, is located in a former hotel building “Pensione Eldorado” that in the past hosted countless of famous people. In this wonderful establishment, which is used as a park, one can be engaged in numerous socio-cultural events, shows and recreational activities; this beautiful location with its typical local specialties, seeks to satisfy its customers, who wish to animate their evenings all year round. Our cuisine is inspired by old local recipes and serves typical and fresh products that the island offers, from fresh fish that is delivered every day from the sea to various goods that grow on land in local gardens, respecting the tradition without any biological alterations. 
From this mix comes the authenticity and originality that distinguish the area. Often we seek a space, place, or a corner where we can combine the pleasure of having a good time with a company with the taste of fine wine and a dish with a rich and unique flavor. Mimante restaurant is a meeting place, where one might find himself in a context that leaves a great deal of space for imagination and culinary culture, without excluding the strong and inseparable bond between the local and regional gastronomic traditions. The garden around the premises and the relaxing environment guarantee an unmatched combination of scents of nature and various culinary fragrances that make this restaurant an obligatory place to visit for those, who seek to get lost in the tranquility of the island. Located close to Piazza San Giacomo, Mimante is easily accessible via public transport. A private car park is included.


Price Range € 15 / 30

Working Hours 19:00 - 23:00

Closing Day lunedi

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Location Va Vittorio Emanuele, 225

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