30 Mar

The Good Friday Easter Procession


Among the many processions of the Gulf of Good Friday in Procida is the most famous and evocative. At the center of the spectacular event are the "mysteries" - floats representing scenes from the Bible - real works of art created and carried by hand by young people Procida in a long procession from Terra Murata winds through the streets of the island until reach Marina Grande, the port of Procida.

Almost a third of the population takes part in Procida what is a tradition that has been going on since 1627, introduced by the Confraternkty of Turchini, a heavily attended ceremony in which faith, folklore and art combine to create a unique show, made even more magical with incredible views that gives Procida.

On the night of Holy Thursday is the statue of the dead Christ waking up at dawn, the "mysteries" are kept secret until they are brought to Terra Murata in the morning. The route of the procession is the same for centuries: first march flags representing the various brotherhoods and trumpet, they follow the "mysteries", then the girls with flowers and children dressed in black - the "angels" brought by their fathers - that accompany a statue of Our Lady of Sorrows, dressed in mourning. Finally comes the "Dead Christ".

The statue of the dead Christ, a work of Carmine Lantricene (1728), ends in an impressive way the procession that lasts several hours.

The statues in the afternoon return in procession to the Abbey of St. Michael the Archangel atop Terra Murata, staging the so-called ceremony of ' "Agony". The Good Friday celebrations of Procida close, finally, in the evening with a candlelight vigil that will bring in procession the statue of the dead Christ in the Church of St. Thomas Aquinas.

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Via San Michele, 1, 80079 Procida NA



  • 07:00 - 13:00
  • Mar 30, 2018 to
  • Terra Murata
  • Reservation Not Required
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