04 Nov

Artethica Procida Cinefest



Procida is renewed the appointment with Artethica Cinefest. The most charming place on the island, the former maximum security prison in Terra Murata, 4 to 6 November will host three days of screenings from dusk to dawn, more than ten films and documentaries, art installations and videosonorizzati paths, actors, directors and producers. free admission for all. The large prison complex overlooking the sea, including a sixteenth century Palazzo d'Avalos, the Bourbon royal residence before the institution of punishment, will be "re-access the movie lights, for the second time, after decades of darkness and abandonment. At the highest point of the island of Procida, a place of isolation, pain and punishment will be flooded with beauty, art and people" said Libero De Rienzo, the actor and director creator of the event. Cinfest this year will usher in the access to large domestic agricultural tenimento to the structure. A distance of approximately 400 meters, unusual "red carpet", will for the occasion spectacularized: thanks to the skill, as well as De Rienzo, Leo Carbotta, enthusiastic supporter of Artethica, sounds lights and video projections, accompanying the entry of visitors , will highlight the features and contradictions, the beauty and intrinsic already suffering in place. The contrast between land deprivation and freedom, between beauty and suffering, even the selection of films: from Flower by Branko Pericles the Black Stefano Mordini; Man on Wire by James Marsh Welcome to the Lioret all'inedito Abril Fabio Gargano; Not to be mean Caligari to Alaska Cupellini. To introduce the visions, and discuss these issues, among others, in room Riccardo Scamarcio, David Grieco, Stefano Giovannesi, Elio Germano, Alessandro Borghi and Libero De Rienzo, presented and mediated by Federico Pontiggia, writer and critic, fascinated by the project Artethica after his first appearance as a journalist. Those Artethica, in short, dates not to be missed, for this November and for years to come.

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via salita castello




  • 20:00 - 02:00
  • Nov 04, 2016 to
  • Terra Murata
  • Reservation Not Required
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