"The Sea Lion" is a complex of rooms immersed in the greenery of an antique garden, close to the beaches of Chiaiolella bay. The original building was built by the initiative of the pioneering spirit of a man who, at the beginning of the last century emigrated to the Americas, made a small fortune and returned to the island to buy a land, where he built the house. Today, one of his distant grandchildren, Fabrizio Muro, has completely restructured the building, making it an ideal place for those, who seek a special holiday. The two-story property is surrounded by an old lemon grove, from which you can view the sea and breathe its magic. The rooms are tastefully decorated: modern and comfortable, with respect for tradition. To represent the beauty of the island that is loved by artists of every rank, Fabrizio was inspired by the images of the most beautiful movies filmed in the area. Each room contains the title and reflects the setting: The Postman, Graziella, Arthur's Island as the most famous ones. The island is observed from the stage, according to the view of important filmmakers, who have captured it in wonderful images; a sentimental and artistic journey through the most touching images of Procida's history, especially for those who have seen and known it, even in the span of enchanting short stays. After all, Procida is not just a holiday destination - we invite you to discover it. We look forward to see you in The Sea Lion: a "reliable place", which guarantees your comfort.


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