Attention: it is forbidden to embark non-resident vehicles to the island of Procida from April 6th to October 31st

Procida in one day

In one day you can go from Terra Murata to Chiaiolella, pass between the colorful houses of Corricella, among nature and the typical architecture, authentic flavors and the unique atmosphere. The island of Procida is located not far from the mainland, thus it can be easily reached from the harbours of Naples or Pozzuoli. Its small size, just less than 4 square kilometers, makes it possible to practically explore it in one day; you just need to know where to go and how to reach the main historical centers of the island. After you embark, your journey will begin in Marina Grande,which is a main central point with restaurants, bars, clothing, handicraft and souvenir shops as well as various rentals.

Terra Murata and the former prison

From the harbour of Marina Grande it's quite easy to reach the historic center: just walk the streets of the port, then go up through Via Principe Umberto until you get to Piazza dei Martiri, make a short stop to admire the colors of Santa Maria delle Grazie and then climb up towards Belvedere dei Cannoni, from where you can enjoy the view on Marina Corricella in all its beauty and uniqueness.

Take a chance to make super instagrammable photos, and once you are ready, go up the door of the “Terra Murata”, that is the ancient historical center of the island, and get ready for a fascinating cultural experience. We advise you to visit Palazzo D'Avalos, which used to be a palace and a prison: The guided tour of the prison costs € 12 and gives you a possibility to visit the courtyard, the guards' barracks, the building of the single cells, the guards 'pavilion, the veterans' building, the medicine shop and part of the old agricultural land cultivated by the inmates.

It is possible to reach Terra Murata by the C2 bus, but we recommend, however, that you discover this area of ​​Procida by strolling through its cozy streets.

San Michele Abbey

This whole ancient fortress-like area centered around an old prison that consists of large courtyards, houses with external stairways, small squares, and the Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo (11th century).

In addition to the church, known for its coffered ceiling (seventeenth century) made our of wood and pure gold with the painting of St. Michael defeating Satan (1699) in the center, it is also possible to visit the museum complex three floors below the abbey. From there you can a have glimpse on the incredible views on the bay from the little windows.

Marina Corricella: The Village of Fishermen

From Terra Murata you can continue your one day tour downhill and strictly on foot in order to fully admire the surroundings. As soon as you go through the door of Terra Murata, a small road on the left will lead you to the Church of Santa Margherita Nuova, splendid with its almost metaphysical forms, framed on one side by the ridge overlooked by the houses of area and on the other by the eastern coast of the island, with a panorama that goes from Corricella to the promontory that closes the Chiaia beach.

At the height of the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, turn left and, finally, descend the stairs you arrive in a small ancient and colorful world that is Marina Corricella, filled with fishermen weaving their nets, children playing around and the women spreading out the clothes using the bright sun that kisses this magical place.

A maze made out of houses of different colors that are reflected in the transparent waters of the marina is a splendid setting, also perfect for shooting commercials of famous brands (the latest by Dolce and Gabbana) and world-famous films, such as Il Postino (1994, Michael Radford), with Massimo Troisi and Maria Grazia Cucinotta.

A lemon granita from Procida and a dish called "paranza", consisting of small freshly caught fish, in one of the characteristic specialties that you can taste and then return to the port to reach the last part of the journey.

Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie

The Church of Madonna delle Grazie is located in Piazza dei Martiri in Procida, which can be noticed coming down from Terra Murata. Overlooking the Corricella, it was built in 1679 at the behest of Archbishop Innico Caracciolo on a pre-existing chapel dedicated to the cult of the Madonna delle Grazie.

The square, formerly called Semmarezio, offers one of the most picturesque views of the region: the pastel yellow walls of the church contrast beautifully with the shades of blue of the sea and the sky, creating an unique effect for the eyes. The scene is completed with Terra Murata in the background and the marvellous Corricella and the Chiaia bay below. Today the square is dedicated to the martyrs of the revolutionary uprisings of the Neapolitan Republic of 1799. Here, we recommend a short stop for some unique photographic shots.

Chiaiolella and Vivara: between nature and sea

For the last step of your trip you have to go back to the harbour towards the bus stop, where you'll need to take either the L1 or L2 bus that that goes directly to the opposite side of the island: Marina Chiaiolella. This is another lively area of the island, a must-see location for those who want to explore Procida in one day or for those who wish to stay for a weekend to relax on the long beach of Ciraccio and Ciracciello, which open up a view on Ischia and the islet of Vivara. Here you can have lunch in one of the popular restaurants along the seafront or in front of the cozy dock, and have a taste of the local flavors. Moreover, you can enjoy a nice kayak ride to discover the mysterious yet romantic Vivara.

Vivara is know to be a portion of a volcano crater of which Procida was once part of. The tiny island, connected to Procida by an old bridge, is a protected nature reserve, currently not open to the public.

The passage is fascinating: in fact, some traces of prehistoric peoples have been found here.
If the weather allows and you wish to finish off the one-day-tour in this part of the island, there is a chance to sit and relax in a comfortable sunbed sunbathing or in the shade of an umbrella in one of the island's main solariums, between fresh cocktails and lounge music beside an elegant swimming pool.

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