Santa Margherita Nuova

The construction of religious settlements dates back to the second half of the XVI century, when the Dominican monks, who owned the old monastery of Santa Margherita Vecchia alla Chiaolella, relocated due to the Saracen invasions. In the harsh winter of 1956 the church and the convent suffered major collapses after the subsidence of large arches that supported them, only certain circles of the lower levels were saved, which were built around an interesting system of cisterns for collecting rainwater. Restoration of the classroom of the church was completed in September 2012, while that of the convent below must still be completed. The site of the complex, located halfway between the village of Corricella entry of the complex and the village of Terra Murata, is a place of extraordinary landscape beauty, where the terrace opens a view on the village of Corricella. Currently the church is used for exhibitions and cultural events.

Terra Murata

Via Salita Castello



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