Congregation of Turchini

The members of the Congregation of Turchini in Procida are the main participants during the celebration of Procida Easter, one of the most anticipated and beautiful events that can be felt all over Italy. It is basically an aggregation of religious layouts, which have been known since the end of the XVI century, belonging to the members of the Brotherhood, that are, in fact, approved by Religious Authorities, recognized by the Italian State and registered in the Register of Legal Entities with the title of Public Worship Authorities.

Today it consists of 150 members and is based in the church of St. Thomas Aquinas.

Apart from the more strict religious activities, participating in cultural initiatives, such as Procida Easter, involves all members starting from the evening of the Holy Thursday until the Holy Easter Sunday, including processions, torchlights and rituals that are lost in the mists of time and in some cases date back to the XVI century. It is all enriched by an exceptional setting: seems that Procida moved, tourists and journalists are delighted to see such a show staged in a unique settings, like the Corricella, the Port and the beautiful churches involved in numerous stages, which characterize this holiday season.

Marina Corricella

Via Marcello Scotti, 13

081 810 1922


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