Attention: it is forbidden to embark vehicles to the island of Procida from April to October.

Places of Interest

Vivara Island


Those who choose to spend their holidays in Procida cannot lose the opportunity to visit the island of Vivara, a small oasis, the wildlife of which is protected since 1974 and by the State Nature Reserve since 2002. Small, wild and unspoiled, this beautiful crescent-shaped island lying on the sea is able to captivate even the least sensitive with its charms of nature. In addition to its rare plants, wild rabbits and various water and migratory birds, it is the site of important archaeological findings from the Mycenaean era. The sea, spectacular and rich in marine plants, is also an attraction for all fishing lovers.

The island of Vivara is what remains of a circular volcanic crater that was once connected to Procida by a cliff. Today the island is connected to the promontory of Santa Margherita (Marina Chiaiolella) by bridge that can only be crossed on foot. Despite its small size - its area is 0.38 km2, with a perimeter of 3 km and a maximum height of 109 meters - the island consists of thousands of little paths, characterized by their pristine lush vegetation.

It's green and one of the few homes to Mediterranean glowing colors, always new depending on the season. The coastline of the island is about 3 km, but it has the greatest extent, due to its topography. From the top (109 m above sea level), the surface of the island gently slopes to the north and south: in particular, the northern tip is called " the Capital" just opposite Procida.

The island is under the protection of the State Nature Reserve, established by Ministerial Decree in 2002. It falls under the Municipality of Procida and presents big importance as a source of natural beauty, for its landscape and natural habitat, archaeological, artistic, architectural heritage, as well as the presence of both Mycenaean civilization findings and the Bourbon period architecture. The only building on the island of Vivara is a house built under Duke De Guevara in 1681, which became the "Bourbon Hunting Lodge" adjacent to the farmhouse. It house has a splendid terrace, from which you can admire a breathtaking view on the nearby island of Ischia and all of the Campania coast. A very interesting swivel house was constructed in the early 1900s by an architect Lamont Young.

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