Attention: due to the ordinance of April 1, 2021, it is forbidden to embark vehicles to the island of Procida. Please contact us by email for further information.

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Sea Museum

Via Principe Umberto, 40, 80079 Procida NA

Located in the historical building of the Nautical Institute "Francesco Caracciolo" Procida, the "Museum of the Sea" was found in 1996 to enhance and promote the rooted maritime traditions of the island. Initially created for educational purposes, for students of the Institute, today it is a precious museum of memory that preserves the essence of love, devotion and passion for the sea, characteristic for the people of Procida, captains, sailors and fishermen.

The sea to an island is a fundamental element, especially for a small island like Procida, so close to the mainland and at the same time more linked to the marine element compared to the "metropolis" of Naples. So it happens to be that the people of Procida have always found their work at sea rather than the city, as they are driven more willingly towards that mysterious but rich "blue resource" rather than the populous Parthenope, which is precisely why this special bond that has always been between Procida and the sea created this precious museum.

The Maritime Museum has two sections: a library with an adjoining historical archive, documenting the history of the maritime tradition of the island and the second sector dedicated to votive and religious tradition of seafaring activity of Procida and a few proverbs and folk songs dedicated to the sea.

Working hours

Monday 09:00–13:00
Tuesday 09:00–13:00
Wednesday 09:00–13:00
Thursday 09:00–13:00
Friday 09:00–13:00
Saturday 09:00–13:00
Sunday -

Owner - 0818967004, 0818967004

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