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Il centro dell'isola

Ciraccio is the central area of ​​the island of Procida. The fulcrum is Piazza Olmo, a small square that branches into many small lanes leading to ivarious nteresting places to visit. From here, in fact, you can walk to any point of the island: nothing is more than 1,5 km away!

Just before reaching the square on your way from the port, on Via Vittorio Emanuele II you can visit the church of St. Antonio, built on the area, where, previously, there was a longstanding tree. By taking the road behind the church, on Via Cavour, you can follow it and find yourself near the local cemetery. Admired for its distinctive architecture of the island, next to the main entrance there is a descent to the famous and characteristic Pozzo Vecchio Beach, also known as the beach of Il Postino.

On the right of the square, go along Via Flavio Gioia, following the signs to reach the famous beach of the Ciraccio, bordered by two beautiful tuffaceous rocks, which originated as a result of the clifftop landslide that has always separated the two coasts. Here the sun is present throughout the day, while the mistral blows are frequent in the afternoon. Moreover, this is the longest sandy stretch of the island and the richest in a variety of plants, although much of the beach area is public. The Ciracciello beach is also called the Beach of Chiaiolella. The Chiaiolella is, actually, an area adjacent to this part of the beach, located on one of the ends of Procida, right on the opposite side of the port.

On your way back to Piazza Olmo, instead of turning right, you can take a turn to the left, on via Pizzaco, where within walking distance, straight to the left, there is a long flight of steps that allow to descent to the beautiful beach of Chiaia, with a panoramic view of Corricella.

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