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Marina Corricella

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Characteristic, beautiful and romantic, Marina Corricella is the oldest village of Procida. Arranged in an amphitheater on the sea and surrounded by nets lying on the dock, this small fishing village is a peaceful and attractive place for those who prefer relaxing holidays. The smell of the sea, narrow streets, unique architecture and total absence of cars makes Corricella a small oasis.

The XVII century port is famous and appreciated for its unique architecture: here you can see a tangle of arches, domes, windows, terraces, balconies, staircases and colorful facades that create a complex of buildings with unique shapes, colors and provision of housing.

Marina Corricella can be reached only by sea or through four steps that draw different routes. The Stairs of Pennino, accessible from Via San Rocco, and the Dark Stairs, instead accessible from Via M. Scotti, represent the main route to get to the village. This route, which tends to bifurcate creates a sudden flight of stairs with exits for homes located on different levels; for a passerby it gives an idea of ​​violating private property more than once. By the end of the Marina it is possible to go up the village along other two tiers, one of which ends near the Sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Grazie. The other, located under the viewpoint of "Callia", is a perfect place to admire the view of the island of Capri and the promontory of Terra Murata.

Finally, a must for culinary tourism and movie lovers is Bar Graziella, a set of several film productions.

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Congregation of Turchini

The members of the Congregation of Tur...

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Restaurant Caracale

Just a few steps away from the sea, overlooki...

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La Gorgonia

Fresh grilled fish or acqua pazza, delicious ...

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Il Mimante

Mimante restaurant was born in the autumn of ...

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Re Ferdinando

In the oasis of peace, surrounded by greenery...

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Bar e Ristorante ...

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La Casa sul Mare

With only ten rooms, La Casa sul Mare is an a...

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Hotel La Corricella

Hotel La Corricella is located in the fisherm...

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