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La Terrazza di Procida

Defined by its location, the Terrace of Procida, this space is a wonderful little square that was one once a scene of a tragic event in the past - the hanging of sixteen citizens, whose sole crime was joining the Neapolitan Republic. Since then Spassìggio was given the name of Martyrs' Square, which is the transition zone or crossroads between the villages of CorricellaMarina Grande and Terra Murata. The main attraction of the square is the Sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Grazie, a beautiful example of baroque style architecture and the Palazzo De Iorio built in the second half of the XVIII on the foundations of a gothic building. Another noteworthy sight is the statue of the illustrious Antonio Scialoja, an economist and politician of Procida. The name "Sèmmarèzio" is not only related  to the square because of its enchanting landscape, but also due to the four houses which surround the area. These houses are the first urban settlements that were build outside the citadel of Terra Murata: multi-story, pastel-colored, grouped around in a large courtyard or, in other words, a dead end. These hamlets, dating back to the XVI century, follow one another in narrow winding cobbled streets and covered passageways. The most important and largest is, undoubtedly, Casale Vascello, which is also called "a vessel broken through" for the presence of two inputs.

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